Daily Writing Journal: Forgetting & Remembering

Current WIP: 4,019 / 85,000

So I worked in my MS yesterday but forgot to post it until well into the evening, when I was already tucked in for the night. My progress wasn’t toward my actual word count, BUT I did add 949 words of chapter/scene planning, where I make scenes in Scrivener and jot down notes about what’s going to happen in them. I’ve found that it makes my word count goals more successful, and writing happens much more quickly because I’ve pre-planned. Even if the scene goes “off the rails” (which is wonderful, in my opinion), I’ll still have a bit of a road map to encourage me to get going.

Today’s writing sesh added another 2,050 words to my chapter/scene planning, rounding out the manuscript and getting me a linear path toward the novel’s conclusion. It’s also helping me to connect to the previous book so that instances, symbols, people, etc. are all still relevant as my protagonist’s story continues.

One thing I’ve considered doing is writing a series all at once, treating it as one giant book with “parts.” It would be a massive undertaking, and I’m not even sure how I would plan that out, other than outlining each as their own books but writing them as one (because that’s not confusing…). It’s something that I’ve thought a lot about, so maybe the next WIP will test that little idea out.

I’ve also thought about writing a story from the end to the beginning, adding in chapters in reverse order so that I write all of the big stuff first and then work my way backwards to build the suspense. We’ll see how that works out–maybe the next WIP will undergo BOTH experiments. My brain and my computer may both self-destruct, and my health insurance and product warranty don’t cover “self-destruct.”

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