Daily Writing Journal: Distracted

Word Count: 4,282 / 85,000

Today started off strong. I looked over and revised the first two chapters and added as well as subtracted. I think the narrative is tighter. But the best thing about today’s writing sesh is that I uncovered a little nugget that’s going to lead me to the climax AND into book three. I wrote just under 300 words of notes about the novel’s big clash with the Big Bad as well as what my heroes are going to face in book three. It’s better than I’d originally planned, which is always encouraging.

So if I’m so encouraged–WHY AM I SO DISTRACTED?

I just spent 10 minutes online looking up apps that “you have to have” for your Apple TV. I scrolled through my Audible app on my iPhone to keep track of which Dresden File is chronologically next.

This serves as a lesson–no matter how long you spend prepping for your writing adventures, your brain may have other ideas. The scene I wanted to write today is mapped out, but I stared at the words I’d typed and thought, “Wow, I really don’t feel like writing this.” It’s a good scene with really good character bonding and development (at least I like to think so), but I started thinking about getting the Audible app on my Apple TV (for which there is none, I was sad to discover) and away we go.

I should be eager to get started, especially after uncovering the nugget of gold earlier. That doesn’t happen everyday–inspiration, a Eureka moment, the muse acting in your favor.

This might be the hardest part–making yourself write/edit when it’s the last thing you want to do. Now I find myself reliving school days where deadlines were approaching and I couldn’t be bothered.

This is the time when I should probably take a walk or wash dishes or play with my dog–get my brain out of writing so that I can come back ready to rock. Or I’ll just binge Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix and knit. Either one.

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