Daily Writing Journal: Old Feelings Awaken

I may have gone down a bunny trail.

I know, I know. I am focused on querying my current YA Action/Adventure novel (with series potential, as my query letter states) and am drafting Book Two. I’m focused–I swear.

But I had a really great idea for a YA SFF novel. Series. Long series. One of those series that’s a million books long like the Dresden Files.

Let me explain.

I have a novel series that’s been on the proverbial shelf for over five years. I started writing it when I was fresh out of college, and I experimented with fantasy elements in a rural setting (small town meets superheroes, sort of thing). It was a lot of fun to write–and rewrite–and rewrite again. But I could never settle on a protagonist. I had one that I liked, until I rewrote a couple of chapters from another character’s POV as a writing exercise. Then I really liked that character’s POV and commenced in rewriting the whole novel. It was a mess. But I’d put a lot into the world that I’d made, and the characters were so real to me. I knew that I would come back to that story eventually, but I needed to give the narrative a rest. I was working the text far too much.

So I started writing my Steampunk series, one that exists in the same universe as the shelved series (we’ll call that the Superhero series, for clarification). It’s going to be one of those things that predates the events in the Superhero series, but all of the events in the Steampunk series will be directly relevant with little tidbits and nuggets and easter eggs. So it’s like a multiple-series universe.

And I think I’ve just added another series to that bulk.

I toyed with an off-shoot story back when I was still actively working on the Superhero series, and my idea tonight brought back all of those old feelings. I remember my protagonist, her/his struggle (remember, I wrote both character POVs), and everything that happened in that world. And everything in the Steampunk series will still be relevant.

This is a series monster, and it’s exponentially getting bigger. It’s like the Novel-Hulk that gets bigger and stronger with each moment, only instead of anger as its trigger, it’s my ideas that connect back to the same universe–the Chase ‘Verse, if you will. A universe that seems to be limitless.

Writing science fiction/fantasy is where I started when I got serious about writing. Yes, I wrote a little mystery story when I was around nine, but I didn’t get committed to being a writer until I was in high school–and then again in college. That’s when I read SFF novels, wrote SFF stories and fan fiction (I wrote some damn fine Buffy fan fiction in my day), and really explored the concepts behind a limitless genre–and what limits I could place within them to make my characters squirm.

So yeah. There’s a bunny trail, and I hear a pocket watch ticking. I wonder what’s down the rabbit hole?

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