Daily Writing Journal: Chekhov’s Gun Acquired

Word Count: 5,796 / 85,000

Success! My protagonist has acquired Chekhov’s Gun*. It’s not an actual gun, of course, but she has it nonetheless.

Progress feels great! It helps that I personally acquired new novels to read, specifically V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic. I’m currently reading This Savage Song, which is excellent, and I was eager to read more of her work. I also have Frostblood by Elly Blake and *drumroll* WONDER WOMAN: WARBRINGER!!! My Labor Day weekend is booked (pun totally intended).

Picking up those books really jazzed me up this evening. I had to write something, with these new books in my hands. I had to put my own words down and make progress on this draft. I’m glad that I did. I feel better knowing that I’m doing my part in this whole process, rather than sit and stare at the computer and check social media far too often. (I only veered to Twitter once during this writing session.) I nearly wrote 1,200 words, and I usually aim for around 2,000. But I bought new books–and I want to read them.

So 1,200 words it is. Reading fiction counts as homework for a writer anyway, so I’m still being productive and doing my job.

(I’m also behind on Critical Role by an episode and a half, so I may have that on while I write/outline/read/knit/etc. Those creative people have helped my writing immensely. WATCH IT, WRITERS. TRUST ME. Matthew Mercer’s world building, those actors’ skillful improv, and those fight scenes will get those creative juices flowing. I promise.)

*Wanna know more about using Chekhov’s Gun? Check out this great post from Better Novel Project and this one from Now Novel.

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