Writing Tools

Here I’ll share worthy writing tools that I’ve discovered, used, and liked. If there’s one that you enjoy, feel free to contact me!


Like many writers, I use Scrivener when drafting and editing. This tool is invaluable–the interface is wonderful, it’s powerful enough to handle major projects with research, images, and whatever other files you would need for your manuscript. They have software for Windows, Mac, and iOS! Check out Scrivener here.

Query Tracker

M.E. Hearn introduced me to Query Tracker once I prepared this latest manuscript for agents to read. Not only does it include an easy-to-use searching interface for agents fit for your manuscript’s age group and genre, but it also has a community of writers who post comments about the status of their queries and what responses they did or didn’t receive. Along with the countless other tools they have available, like tracking your queries and making notes about agent responses, you can view a timeline of tracked submissions for each agent to get an idea about response times, how often they accept or reject, what they request, etc. It’s a wonderful tool, and I can’t imagine querying without it. Check it out here.


I’ve used Novelize in the past and fell in love with it. It’s a change of pace from Scrivener, with a different interface that’s equally as user friendly. Novelize is 100% online, which helps if you’re mobile with internet access. Because it’s 100% online, you’re not tied to one device with  your manuscript, or under the responsibility of keeping a flash drive on you at all times. It’s a nice tool that made it easy for me to meet my 2015 NaNoWriMo writing goal with book three of my steampunk series. Find out more about Novelize here.

Microsoft OneNote

For those of us writing a series or a major manuscript that needs a Story Bible, OneNote is a digital notebook that keeps everything organized. You can include images, text boxes, links, and all manner of media that relates to plot, characters, setting–whatever you want. And because of Microsoft’s cloud system, you can sync the notebook between devices, which is nice when I go from my laptop to my tablet. Find out more here.

What tools do you use? Let me know below!